Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lincoln Half 2014

Well, I pulled it off!  I have to admit, I was way under trained this year.  I definitely didn't log the miles I should have and hurt my ankle on my last long run prior to the race.

I was super nervous I would not be able to do it but taking a few days off, ice, and some KT tape did the trick.

I was hoping for a few minutes less on my time but beggars can't choosy, right!?

I raised $330 for Research Down Syndrome!  Thanks to everyone who donated to this great cause!

The whole fam went down to Lincoln the night before the race and went to the Natural History Museum on Nebraska's campus and out to eat at the Haymarket.  All was well until the hotel sleeping.  Clay didn't let anyone get much sleep but we all had fun nonetheless!

This was Clay on the way home from Lincoln.  I hear ya, dude!

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