Sunday, May 11, 2014

A rough week for Wyatt

Wyatt fell when he got out of the shower and hit his chin on our tile floor.  It split open pretty good and I was pretty sure he needed stitches.  Luckily, the family practice clinic in Valley was still open so they got him all fixed up!

He was SUPER brave and didn't cry until the numbing shots.  Then we both cried.  
Thank GOD they did there job and he was a super tough guy during the stitches!

A trip to Dairy Queen on the way home made everything better!  ....and the big glass of wine I drank after he went to bed :)

A few days later, Wyatt had an allergy test with an allergy doctor at Boys Town.  He has always had "seasonal allergy" symptoms - running nose, sneezing, water eyes, cough, etc. except his aren't seasonal - they last ALL year.  To add to it, he has been breaking out in hives when we play outside and around animals.

The allergy "scratches" were nothing compared to the numbing shots; he didn't shed a tear and laid still the whole time.  He is such a great patient.

I knew he had allergies but I did NOT expect him to be allergic to the ENTIRE panel.  He tested positive to all 28 allergens they tested + horses....and he had a sinus infection - again.


We were sent home on an antibiotic, a steroid, with an EpiPen, and lots of information about exploring dietary restrictions and allergy shots.  Yikes!!!!

We discovered a new treatment for allergies called sublingual immunotherapy, which is fancy for "allergy drops".  It is similar to allergy shots but given in a liquid, drop form under the tongue.

This fairly new and not a lot of doctors in Omaha do it, yet.  He has an appointment next week with a different allergy doctor who does do the drops so more info. on that coming soon!

This picture was seconds after the scratch test.  All those red areas spread to dime + size hives within minutes.  

Poor guy!!!

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