Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was so much fun this year!  The kids were really into wearing costumes and, of course, getting candy!  Clay didn't have any "stranger danger" this year and actually got mad if a passerbyer didn't wave or say "hi" to him.

It is pretty typical for us to celebrate any holiday like 5 times and Halloween was no different.  We have enough candy to last until next year and I could get those costumes on the kids with my eyes closed!

This is our FrankenTurkey.  The kids worked on collecting turkey feathers from down by the river for weeks!

I LOVE how this turned out!  I saw it on Pinterest and kids were actually super cooperative in helping me make it!

Costume day at dance class!

The treats we made for preschool

Our Zoo Trunk or Treat with our Down syndrome group!  This was so much fun, the kids didn't even need to go out again on Halloween!

Helping Wyatt decorate his pumpkin treat at his preschool party

Mommy and Wyatt at his preschool party!

DC West preschool buddies

Miss Talisa, skeleton Clay, and Cinderella Hazel at Little Leaf Preschool

Trick or Treating at Grandma & Grandpa Turpen's with our cousins!

These boys are ready for some CANDY!!!!!!

Because we are "country folk", we have to find somewhere to trick or treat every year.  This year we went into Valley and did a few neighborhoods.  It was perfect.  Lots of kids, small town charm with the local police handing out candy from their cruiser, and ran into several families we know!

This might have been their favorite part!

This was always my favorite part, too.  Dumping out your bag to check out your loot!  I still do that after a day of shopping!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More October Happenings...

Last year's preschool picture and this year's picture.  Time needs to SLOW down! 

These two goofs are always so wild before bedtime!

October was a bad month for Tinkerbel.  Luke hit her with the Ranger and broke her leg ;(  In his defense, she chases after it and bites at the tires.  I can't believe it has taken this long for her to get hurt.  Our vet put on a makeshift cast/brace that she managed to get off FOUR times!  That meant FOUR trips back to the vet to get it put back on.  Tinkerbel and I were not on speaking terms for the majority of the month.

Fun at the Children's Museum

Clay was LOVING his private puppet show!
Happy Birthday to cousin, Abby!  Hazel loves spending time with the Turpen girls!

This pose was totally spontaneous and quite reminiscent of MANY pictures my parents have of me making the SAME pose!  Here is just one of those gems...

We are now feeding our dolls....because we don't have enough mouths to feed around here.

  Meals are WAY more fun now that we have these awesome straws from aunt Molly!

Super Hazel to the rescue!

Happy Birthday to the best big sister in the whole world!  We love you Nickie! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I LOVE fall.  Sweaters, boots, apple cider, falling leaves, and pumpkin patch time!  We are surrounded by some great patches and I am lucky enough to get a pass to Vala's for my birthday every year from Nancy and Dean; this means we go A LOT!

Vala's can be a little overwhelming when you feel the pressure to get it all in one day.  The place is HUGE with SO much to.  Having a pass means we can go a few times a week and only stay for a couple of hours - perfection.

Nice try Wyatt; she is still coming home with us.

Train ride

The corn is always a favorite and I find pieces of it around our house for weeks!

Yay!  Clay didn't want to eat the corn this year!

The "big" slides were new this year and so much fun!  Don't worry, Clay got to enjoy them without the obstructed view the next time.  Sorry, Clay!

Theme outfits, of course!

A fun time with Grandma and our Turpen cousins! 

Our Down syndrome grandparents group hosted a fun night at Wenninghoff Farms.  The kids loved the hayrack ride and I really enjoyed the "scaled down" kid's area.  They were able to run wild and go from one thing to the next without me losing sight of them.  We will definitely be going there again next year.