Friday, January 18, 2013

A little trip down memory lane....

Of course, I have the typical "mommy guilt"... I don't take enough videos of the kids, Wyatt has 10x more baby pictures than Clay (something that I STILL give my mom a hard time about!), Hazel's baby book still has blank pages waiting to be filled in and she is 2.5.  BUT you know what!?  Life goes on.  Wyatt & Clay probably won't even care to look at their own baby pictures when they are older and Hazel has enough to look back at and be satisfied.  I did manage a cute pic of my growing little man every month!  I did this for Hazel, too, and if I get around to it - I will post those just for fun!

Better Late than never - Clay's Birthday pictures!

I canNOT believe my sweet boy is ONE YEAR old already!  He wasn't so into the present opening yet - but Wyatt and Hazel were all over that action.  Clay did LOVE his cake!  He really hasn't had anything too sweet yet so I wondered if he would even know what to do!?  Boy was I wrong!  He dove in like a champ!

A blizzard birthday!

Aunt Lily and Calla

AND our 2nd celebration with the sisters and Gma & Gpa Tiedeman, after our post-Christmas gathering!

My family made Clay a wonderful book with their fondest memories of Clay throughout the year and they each wrote him a letter.  It is the sweetest EVER!