Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch

Getting SO big!

Nine months old!  I can hardly believe it is true.  Wow, time goes by TOO quick!

Clay recently had his 9 month check up with his Pediatrician, as well as with his Cardiologist, and we are all just blown away with our little man!

Clay weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs. 5 oz.  He has really packed on the pounds in the last few months!  No doubt because he eats like a CHAMP.  Yogurt and sweet potatoes are favorites and he has started a little self feeding with finger foods, too!  He does really well grabbing for graham crackers and munching away.  AND my big boy is drinking from a straw!!!  This is really good for oral development so I am one happy (and proud) mama.

His muscle tone has really strengthened now that he is a baby on the move.  He is a rolling machine and scoots forward (or backwards sometimes!) by either going up on his arms or knees, but not at the same time yet.  I am certainly in no hurry for crawling!  The little stinker has not decided he likes sitting yet but we question whether it is a lack of wanting to and not a lack of ability!?  I mean, you can't be a man on the move when you are sitting.  He will get there when he is ready.

Clay has also found his voice and we all love to hear him talk.  He will sometimes try to talk over Wyatt & Hazel - for sure an important skill to start working on early!  Dadadada and Nananana are his favorite words BUT I get a Ma every now and then when he is whiny.  Beggars can't be choosy!

Our appointment with Dr. Danford, Clay's cardiologist, could not have gone any better.  Clay laid like an angel during his echocardiogram and Dr. Danford was SO happy with the way his heart is functioning that we don't have to go back for 18 months!!!  After our appointment, we went up to the PICU floor to visit with the awesome staff that took such good care of Clay.  They were thrilled to see him and couldn't believe what a big boy he is!  Clay totally hammed it up for them with lots of talking and smiles :)

Life is good.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My boys went camping!

Wyatt was SO excited that Luke set up the tent in the backyard for them to camp in.  He told me "no girls were allowed".  I still not sure if that was Luke or Wyatt's idea!?

The flashlights and snack bags were Wyatt's favorite part.  He also liked standing at the front door and peeing outside :)

The boys lasted until about 11 o'clock before they came inside.  Wyatt said it was too noisy so he couldn't fall asleep.  In his defense,  I snuck a peak at them around 10 and it WAS noisy!  Boats were out at the cove, you could hear ever truck on the highway, and Luke was snoring away!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a few more camping adventures and Wyatt (or dad) might even let mama in :)

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Mud Factor!

Well, I survived my first 5k mud/obstacle race AND I actually enjoyed it!  I went into it thinking I am either going to love this or HATE it.  I have the running part of a 5k down, but obstacles!?, now that is a different story.  I am not strong.  Sure, lifting 3 kids all day long has probably given me some arm strength - but not a lot.  I know this because I can not open a single sippy cup or bottle that Luke has screwed the lid on.  EVER.
The Mud Factor was held at Vala's Pumpkin Patch and luckily for me the obstacles were not too arm-challenging.  A few involved climbing up rope or rock-type walls but I managed.  The most difficult part BY FAR was the MUD!!!!  I mean we are talking some serious mud.  Waist high, quick sand mud - and a lot of it.  Overall, I had a great time with a great group of friends and would definitely do another one in the future!  The free beer at the end was a nice touch, too :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School!

First day of Preschool at Bethany Lutheran!

Hazel's 1st day at Kid's Day Out!