Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today was a great day filled with family, food, sunshine, and the sound of cousins giggling together.

I feel so blessed to live my life and need to remember to celebrate it each and every day.  

Happy Easter and God Bless, to all!

Snack break!

Hazel and Aunt Jill making a salad
Boy "tea party"!

Aunt Esther LOVES those babies!
Aunt Brooke giving out pony rides!

Rainbow socks!!!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

Thank goodness for a beautiful day!  We were able to get in egg decorating just in the nick of time.

Quite the little artists we have!

Clay saying "bu-bye"  and waving!

Let the Egg Hunts Begin!

It was a perfect day for an Easter Egg Hunt!  

Our Down Syndrome group hosted a fun-filled egg hunt at a local park.  

Hazel was obsessed with the Easter Bunny!  

These pictures were actual taken 10 minutes apart from each other.  All the other kids wanted to play at the park but Hazel just wanted to go talk to the Easter Bunny.  

They are BFFs now ;) 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We have a climber!

Clay has started to pull himself up on everything!  

This is such an important step in learning to walk.   Not that I am in a hurry for that - yet.  

So proud of my big boy for showing that low muscle tone who is the boss!

....and lucky for us, since I own every toy ever made - we have these great climbing blocks ;)

Spring - FINALLY!!!

Ah, spring air is such therapy for the soul.  

You would think that after getting to "escape" to NYC for four days of sisters-only time, I would be dying to spend hours upon hours cuddled up with my kids.  I kinda thought I would, too.    
Don't get me wrong - I missed them like crazy and loved the never-let-me-go snuggles.

BUT, 24 hours later I was going crazy again.

I blame it on seasonal stress disorder.  It is almost freakin' April for crying out loud.

I am going CRAZY in this house!!!

We had a great day exploring and all 3 kids slept - at the same time - for 2+ hours.  That is pure gold.  

And all is good in mommyland again ;)

We are best buds ;)