Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip to St. Paul

I am always SO grateful when my sisters come to visit.  I love that we still like to go through my closet and play dress up,  we stay up late drinking wine and laughing until our stomachs hurt, and although no one gets a lot of sleep, having an extra set of hands to wrangle the kiddos is priceless!  Nickie and Molly have both been such big helps since Clay was born and have made SEVERAL trips to see us.  I wanted to repay the favor.  

Clay and I were lucky enough to escape for a long weekend to see Nickie & Morgan in June and had such an amazing time.  Luke and I had talked about taking a family vacation to St. Paul to see Molly & Pat but summer flew by and Luke has been working a TON.  So, my mom and I planned a last minute, fast & furious, trip before Molly starts teaching again.  The kids did really good in the car and we had a wonderful time and great weather in St. Paul.  My mom was such a good sport and handed Wyatt & Hazel a snack or new book about every 30 seconds of our 6 hour drive!  Molly and I even managed to get a run in on the beautiful, historic Summit Street.  We are lucky enough to have TWO cousin wedding in the St. Paul area next summer and I am looking forward to our next trip(s)!

We ate lunch at a Mickey D's next to a big open field and the kids loved running around and looking at, steers (???). 

Somewhere in middle America
We are HERE!!!

Embassy Suites Happy Hour!!!

Clay had prunes....

They had ducks in the lobby pond that served for lots of entertainment!

Wyatt loves to cuddle with Clay.  He tells him he is his big brother and then explains all the things they are going to do together when Clay is older.  Oh, that boy tugs on my heart strings!

This is Wyatt's bunny that he sleeps with.  It was SO cute that Clay was so excited to have gotten his  hands on it like he already knew it was off limits.


Hazel decided to get dressed out of mommy's bag.  She is ALL girl!

Molly was so excited to wear Clay - and he loved it and took a nice nap on her chest ;-) 

Cuddle time

My Super Dudes

Wyatt was our Zoo tour guide

This is how we roll

My Loves!

Wyatt teaching Clay a very important life skill - how to work an iPhone

Telling the ducks good-bye
All packed up and ready to go!

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